Make-up sex is the best

September 24, 2020

Dear Pastor,

I am a regular reader of your column and your night show cannot miss me. I would say keep up your good work. I got married when I was 19 years old.

My husband was 25 years old. I love this man. He is more than a husband to me. When he proposed to me I told him that we could be friends but I was not ready for marriage.

I spoke to my parents about it, and my mother told me that when she got married to my father, she was 21, and people were saying that my father was too old for her.

I am only two years younger than she was, so if I love him I should not turn him down. My husband has never hit me, although he has got rough on me from time to time, especially when I have tried to have my own way. Sometimes when I am upset with him, I don't talk to him, but he has his way of getting around me.

He likes to fool around me and so if we have an argument, I would go to bed and he would never stop telling me how much he loves me and how he would give me everything in the world if that is what I want, and I can't bother to sleep until we have sex. I find that having sex is the best way for us to make up.

When I say that to some of my friends they say that is true. When we have make-up sex, I don't even remember that we were fussing earlier.

My husband does not have children, and I don't have any either and we are not using protection.

I went to a doctor and he ran some tests and the doctor said that nothing is wrong with me. The doctor said I should have fun until I get pregnant.

Do you think something is wrong with me?


Dear S.P.,

Your doctor says that nothing is wrong with you. You should believe him/her and don't worry yourself. Do exactly as your doctor suggests; have fun in bed, or wherever you enjoy having sex. Both your husband and yourself have enjoyed sex after an argument; it is a way of making up. What you are saying to yourself by having sex is that although you argue, the love that you have for each other is still very strong and nothing can separate the both of you.

Stick with each other, have fun and make sure that you tell each other how you feel about each other. Tell your husband as often as possible how much you love him, and I hope he tells you he loves you too.


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